We produce state-of-the art coatings and additives with 2D materials

Functional Coatings

Our team has excellent experience in developing functional coatings such as barrier and photocatalytic coatings and their relevant delivery systems

Printed Electronics

We formulate and provide conductive, dielectric and other functional 2D material inks for applications for printed electronics

Printed Membranes

We can formulate coatings that can be used to develop barrier membranes for packaging and ecological applications

2D Material Processing

We are also experts in designing industrial lines that will enable the lowest cost, highest throughput method of production.

Why work with us?

With the right mix of practical and academic experience, we are well-poised to deliver real-world solutions for low-cost and high-volume 2D material-based applications. In particular, we are great in formulating new inks, coatings and paints for 2D materials.


We have more than 40 years of combined ink formulation and nanomaterial processing experience


We can work with all sorts of 2D materials including Graphene, Molybdenum disulphide, boron nitride and more


We are capable of producing 2D material dispersions, inks, coatings, paints and composites with simple, non-toxic materials


We have solutions for functional inks, anti-corrosion coatings, thermally and electrically conductive composites, energy storage and more...

Some 2D materials

Here are some cool materials that we are good at


  • Single atom thick graphite
  • Outstanding electronic, photonic, mechanical and optical properties
  • Scalable, low, cost production possible
  • Promising material for making highly conductive coatings


  • A wide variety of materials, including TMDs
  • Exhibits diverse properties that are complementary to Graphene
  • Can be mass produced with scalable tehnologies
  • Promising for optoelectronic and sensing applications

h-Boron Nitride

  • Superior insulating properties
  • Easily processed from bulk to 2D form
  • Essential for making printed electronics
  • Can be used as a printed dielectric or in sensing applications


  • Low-cost and very readily available
  • Layered form allows for easy exfoliation
  • Shows outstanding dielectric properties
  • Shows potential in printing capacitors

So you're convinced that we have an inkling of what we are talking about?